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  • When should I book my removal?

Book your removal services as early as possible. We offer emergency removals for when you need it too.

  • What information should I provide for a smooth removal service?

When booking your removal service you will need to provide:
Pick-up and drop-off location
From which to which floor you need your belongings to be moved
Is there a need of dismantling/reassembly of furniture
Do you have any belongings that require special care (for example: fragile items, piano, fish tank, delicate art pieces)

  • What I need to do before the service?

Think about the following:

Parking options: parking arrangements on both addresses are responsibility of the customer. Reserve a spot outside the building or contact your neighbours for a spare parking ticket. You can also call your local council if needed.
Lift usability: if you are moving out or into high rise apartment building, additional hour may be added to your service, considering the time lifting consumes and if the lift is shared with other people at the same time.
Men needed: heavy items (like american fridges or big fish tanks) require 3 men for moving.

  • What kind of vans can I book?

Our fleet of vans consists two types of vehicles:
Luton Van – 4 m deep, 2 m tall, 2 m wide. Equipped with a loading platform.
Transit Van – 3 m deep, 2 m tall, 1.8 m wide. Does not have a loading platform.

  • How long does the service take?

The minimum time for a service is 2 hours. The specifics of your needs will determine how many hours and men will be needed.

  • What part of London do you cover?

We are based within the Eastern postcode area, but will gladly help you move everywhere in London.

  • Are there any items I can not move or put in storage with your company?

London On The Move does not move or store items which are: stolen or illegal goods, biohazards, poison or drugs,  environmentally harmful or explosive items, dangerous or hazardous materials, weapons and firearms.

  • Can I pack on my own?

Yes, you can.